An Everyday Superhero

Superheroes are hard to pick out in a crowd, but trust us, Aaron Williams is just that. An unassuming man, Aaron continues to serve his community selflessly through his local church, Lyons Unity Missionary Baptist Church. Recently, his efforts garnered the attention of the Texas House of Representatives who rewarded Aaron’s community efforts with an award for “Appreciation of Outstanding Service” for helping lead an integral food drive provided by the Houston Food Bank in the Fifth Ward of Harris County for over a year and a half.

“There have clearly been some large needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I just wanted to help and do my part,” said Williams. Williams’ efforts with Lyons Unity over the past 18 months has helped families in Harris county who have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 by ensuring they had basic supplies and food to put on the table through this difficult time.

Reverend James Joseph, who organized the drive by and is close friends with Aaron said, “Aaron always steps up when there is a need. Whether leading young men in our youth group or a food bank drive by, he will always show up for our community.”

Reverend Joseph shared the community has a 60% recidivism rate and an even lower literacy rate. “Add the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic on top of it all, and we knew we needed to provide help to our community and our people.”

How much help did they provide you ask? Over four tons of food totaling over two million meals were given out in this food bank drive by over a year and a half. Over 11,700 cars were served fresh produce, pantry items, toiletries, and other necessities over the past 18 months every other Saturday.

Aaron not only led teams during this food drive by, but he also regularly assists young men in his community in creative ways. “We teach them about the Bible, how to treat women with kindness and respect, change a flat tire, and even how to put a bike together. Once they complete their bike, we let them keep it as a reward. We hope to help develop responsible men of integrity who can hold their heads high when things get hard” says Williams.

As Head of Site Security, we are honored to have selfless men like Aaron Williams on our Skybox team as a great example of an everyday superhero. We hope we can all follow his lead!