Skybox Unboxed Featuring Bethany Jaillet

FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2023

The basis for Skybox’s success lies in the hard work and achievement of our employees. We are highlighting each of our team members from various departments to share their impact on Skybox and what makes them the heartbeat of our organization.

"Bethany has quickly become an integral part of Skybox’s business operations. Her ability to embrace new projects with ease paired with her infectious enthusiasm makes her not only a great team member, but an incredible asset to our company. I look forward to watching her career continue to grow.” Travis Young, CFO

How did you get into the datacenter industry?

I’ve always been intrigued by datacenters as my family has been in the software and renewables industry. I really enjoy learning and innovating which is what the mission critical space is all about: how do we support our customers, partners, and consumers and what does success look like for each of them? I like helping to solve that puzzle.

What is one thing we don’t know about you?

I really enjoy the outdoors. I know many people use that phrase, but it’s true for me. I was the bow seat and coxswain on a rowing team, got scuba-certified, I have skied from a young age, and I really enjoy backpacking and hiking. I think my curiosity and love for learning has contributed to trying new things.

Bethany, far left, as coxswain on Austin Rowing Club rowing team

What makes working for Skybox different?

The people, everyone is fantastic. I’m surrounded by a team that is so passionate and excited about what they do. I felt welcome here from day one and I love how they treat everyone they work with like the most important person in the room. You can really tell the team embodies servant leadership, always wanting to go above and beyond to help people and projects.

What is your favorite project or lesson learned?

It’s fun to be a “yes and” person. There are so many situations that come up every day that call for your attention. I really enjoy not only saying “yes” to needs as they arise, but I like to add an “and” to support beyond what my team thinks is needed. Everyone really has this mentality and I believe it enables Skybox to go further. It goes beyond “what can I do?” and into “ok what else can we do and how can we make this better?” Then we begin further planning and brainstorming, creating greater efficiencies and solutions as a team.

If you had to choose one “toxic trait” for yourself, what would it be?

Overuse of exclamation marks in my correspondence. I have to regularly review emails before I send so I’m not accused of drinking too much caffeine or being too loud. It’s a problem I’m working on!!!

Favorite way to spend time off?

Travel, travel, travel – my husband Mikey and I love finding a new adventure and finding a great restaurant along the way. Our most recent adventure is moving to Boston- please send restaurant recommendations our way!