Turnkey Solutions

developer, owner or operator

We have an extensive portfolio of custom turnkey datacenters whether enterprise or colocation for clients across a variety of mechanical and electrical topologies. Skybox can function as an end-to-end developer, owner or operator: handing over the keys upon completion or remaining as your on-site operations partner.

Build to Suit

Customized design

Whether a site needs to be selected, is customer owned, or is already in our portfolio, Skybox can readily deliver creative solutions according to our customer’s various specifications. Location, density, size, capacity, design and timeline can all be customized to fit requirements, no matter how extensive. Through our strong partnership models, Skybox controls qualified land sites across a wide array of key data center markets.

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Powered Shell

for a shorter timeline

Skybox has multiple hardened powered shell data centers in our portfolio including projects that can shave 12-36 months off a development timeline. With infrastructure in place to ensure dependable redundancy, our team constructs these purpose-built data centers based on client specifications, regardless of their schedule.

Data Center Operations

Direct, transparent communication

We pride ourselves in sustaining 100% uptime across all self-operated assets. Skybox hand picks the right people in the right markets to manage, secure, and improve our client’s mission critical infrastructure with transparent and consistent oversight.


Innovative ESG Initiatives

From conception to delivery, every project is built, stabilized, and operated with sustainability in mind.

From the building design, landscape installation, equipment procurement, supply chain monitoring, and commissioning, Skybox Datacenters is committed to reducing and optimizing the energy and materials used and water consumed throughout the life of our data centers.

Decisions made throughout the construction process can have a great impact. Choosing water efficient landscapes, diverting waste from landfills, recycling materials, and choosing energy efficient systems all contribute to a lean, mean, and green construction process.

Once operational, Skybox works hand in hand with our customers to integrate programs optimizing the use of water, electricity, back up generation, and renewable resources to ensure the highest standards in sustainability efforts are met. Whether it is operating a liquid immersion cooled high performance computing environment at a 1.05 PUE or reducing water use through advanced waterless air cooled technology, Skybox has deep experience creating bespoke operational programs to achieve industry setting green initiatives.

In addition to data center specific improvements, Skybox also supports new approaches, such as solar power, battery storage, EV charging to ensure that not only are our data centers built consciously, but continue to innovate in an ever changing environment.

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