26 MW

96,129 SF

20 Acre Private Campus

2N, N+1, N Configurations Available

120-600 W/SF Available

LEED Gold Certified

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Skybox Houston One is a purpose-built, high-density designed mission critical data center with a market leading 6″ concrete roof deck able to sustain 190+ mph winds and DoubleDense technology for critical loads up to480 watts PSF (air-cooled) or up to 1000 watts PSF (immersion). Our 20 acre private campus features an adjacent 300 MVA substation with dual feed underground utility service, ultra low latency connectivity to Houston’s I-10 fiber-optic backbone and Premium Rollover Service for the utmost in power reliability.

Power & Design Flexibility

The Skybox Houston Campus is fed by a large loop-fed 400 MVA substation. Premium Rollover Service routes A/B power underground from separate substation level transformers to A/B transformers for each data hall. This provides a fault tolerant and concurrently maintainable power solution for each user.

Safety & Security

Skybox Houston's perimeter is secured by six-foot berms in addition to military grade anti-crash fence. Exterior and interior cameras monitor entirety of facility, multiple mantraps, and dual-authentication biometric identification. SOC operations 24x7x365.

96 Hours of Backup Fuel

Skybox Houston One uses market leading 7,000 gallon belly tanks in each of its 2.0 MW generators. This provides our clients 96 hours of run time in addition to our fuel delivery contracts.

A Roof That Withstands 190+ MPH Winds

The Houston market presents unique challenges to operating a mission critical facility. Skybox is built to withstand them all with a 6″ concrete roof deck able to sustain winds up to 190+ mph.

High Performance Flexibility

Home to several of the worlds densest HPC compute environments, Skybox Houston is designed to specifically meet the high performance computing demands of oil & gas and cloud users in the Houston Market.

Speed To Market

The Skybox Houston Campus provides expansion of the Houston One facility as well as an additional 10 acres within the private campus for our Houston Two facility. Skybox Datacenters can meet each and every need of the client and their future growth.

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